Xlri Essay Questions

Naturally, this will be a very high scoring section.

But you need to understand that scoring very high just in quant might give you an overall high percentile but you need to clear the sectional cut-offs to get a call. The GK and essay part will not be used in your XAT percentile but they do form an important part for the next rounds if you get a call along with the GD and PI, so do not take it lightly.

Even though the essay wouldn’t form a part of your XAT score, it would have a weight in the final selections if you manage to get a call from XLRI.

And lastly, on a more humorous note XAT happens at a very difficult period right after Christmas and the dawning of the New Year and we all know how difficult it is to concentrate after that one week.

At first glance, the questions seem easy and fun to do but you’d realise pretty soon that you’re way off.

Only practice can get you to a position where you can confidently attempt questions in this section.

You’ll do things which you never thought were possible from your side. I’m on the verge of completing my 2nd trimester here and heading home for Christmas but I can exactly feel the kind of anxiety and pressure you people are going through, being in the same spot just a year back. The best B-school in the country is just a step away.

XAT score is also used by more than 100 institutes across India.

It’s better to not attempt in this section even if you have the smallest of doubts since more often than not you’ll be wrong.

So focus on attempting less with good accuracy in this section and you should be good.


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