Writing A Thesis Statement About Jefferson Vs Hamilton

Writing A Thesis Statement About Jefferson Vs Hamilton-57
Historian Glenn Phelps asked: “Why then was Jefferson so heavily lobbied by Washington for inclusion in the first cabinet?

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The pool of available talent was large, for veritable hordes offered their services, and the revolutionary generation of Americans produced an astonishing number of gifted and public-spirited men.” In military and civil affairs, Washington preferred coopting to confrontation.

He preferred coordination to conflict, but he put into his cabinet two men who were destined to differ and dispute.

In a discarded draft of his inaugural, Washington wrote of his future co-workers: “In all our appointments of persons to fill domestic and foreign offices, let us be careful to select only such as are distinguished for morals and abilities.

Some attention should likewise be paid, when ever the circumstances will conveniently admit, to the distribution of Offices among persons, belonging to the different parts of the Union.

Historian Forrest Mc Donald wrote of Washington: “In the crucial business of making appointments, several things worked in his favor.

He was a good judge of character, and the range of his acquaintances was wide, and the same was true of his principal advisers.

Passive voice often creates unclear, less direct, wordy sentences, whereas active voice creates clearer, more concise sentences.

To change a sentence from passive to active voice, determine who or what performs the action, and use that person or thing as the subject of the sentence.

(Only after the adoption of the Twelfth Amendment in 1804 did electors vote separately and specifically for president and vice president.) The presidential election of 1800 provided Alexander Hamilton, former secretary of the treasury, with a dilemma: a tie between Thomas Jefferson, a man whose principles were in direct opposition to Hamilton's own, and Aaron Burr, a man Hamilton believed to have no principles at all.

As the House of Representatives prepared to vote to break the deadlock, Hamilton conducted a furious letter-writing campaign to urge fellow Federalists to vote for Jefferson.


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