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For example: If you are paraphrasing or summarizing information from a source, you only have to cite the author’s last name and year of publication in your in-text citation.

However, APA guidelines strongly encourage you to also provide the page number or paragraph number as well, even though it is not required.

If you are new to APA Style, take some time and explore this guide. However, if you need information fast, try these commonly used quick links.

How to Find DOIs In-text (Parenthetical) Citations Listing Authors In-text Creating a Reference List Listing Authors in a Reference List Sample Citations: Books Journal Articles Magazine Articles Newspaper Articles Movies & TV Shows Music & Podcasts Blogs, Emails, Online Videos Legal Citations The American Psychological Association has been producing style rules for publication since 1929.

For example, if you read an article by Brown (2017) and that author quotes the earlier work of Smith (2010), Brown is the secondary or indirect source (because it was written later) and Smith is considered the direct or original source (because it was written first).

To cite a source you found in another source, state the original author within your sentence and state "as cited in" followed by the last name and year of the secondary source.

For those of you familiar with the 5th edition of the Publishing Manual of the American Psychological Assiociation, there are a some major changes in the new edition.

New to this edition of APA is the inclusion of digital object identifers. Note: As of March 2017, APA has changed its recommended DOI format from doi:... Both forms are acceptable, but the https form is preferred.

The https: URL can be a live URL or not by author preference.

URLs URLs (uniform resource locators) provide the location for a source on the Internet. DOIs provide static, permanent online locations for sources. Previously Published If the material uploaded to Blackboard was previously published (a chapter from a book, an article from a journal), cite the source as you would its original version.


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