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Write An Essay On Unemployment Problem-63
It is a kind of situation where the unemployed persons do not find any meaningful or gainful job in-spite of having willingness and capacity to work.Thus unemployment leads to a huge wastage of manpower resources.Unemployment problem of the country can now be broadly classified into: (a) Rural unemployment and (b) Urban unemployment.

It is a kind of situation where the unemployed persons do not find any meaningful or gainful job in-spite of having willingness and capacity to work.

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In the absence of multiple cropping system and subsidiary occupation in the rural areas, a large number of rural population has to sit idle 5 to 7-months in a year.

Seasonal Unemployment is also prevalent in some agro- based industries viz., Tea Industry, Jute Mills, Sugar Mills, Oil Pressing Mills, Paddy Husking Mills etc.

Agriculture, though a principal occupation in the rural areas of the country, is seasonal in nature.

It cannot provide work to the rural population of the country throughout the year.

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Unemployment is a common economic malady faced by each and every country of the world, irrespective of their economic system and the level of development achieved.The person maybe in between odd jobs or is searching for a job, and this also adds stress and strain to relationships.A stressed and worried person will not be one to party with friends or spend big for a family get-together. When there are jobs available, but not the properly skilled people there for the job, productivity suffers a decrease.Unemployment is a terrible thing, but unfortunately it is an everyday normality.There are a plethora of reasons why someone ready and able maybe without a job.Living without a solid income is a very difficult way to live.The individual that just lost their job is open to a spectrum of emotions, anger, sadness, confusion, stress and all these emotions can really break a person down.The same goes for if they are absent often or late, that will not be tolerated.A person is considered unemployed if they are fired from their job due to budget cuts and they are in waiting to get their job back.(ii) Disguised or Perennial Unemployment: Indian agriculture is also suffering from disguised or perennial unemployment due to excessive pressure of population.In disguised unemployment apparently it seems that everyone is employed but in reality sufficient full time work is not available for all.


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