Why School Uniforms Are Bad Essay

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Many girls, for example, do not like to wear skirts or dresses, which most girls' uniforms require.

No uniform can suit all children, and there is little that can be done about this if it is an issue for your child.

Focus may be placed on the clothes people wear instead of on schoolwork, which is what school is all about.

This is damaging to students' studies because school's purpose is to educate, not to be a fashion parade.

The students get used to wearing the school uniform and just don't really think about it and just get stuck into their schoolwork.

Having a uniform makes everything easier because nobody can really complain as they all have to wear it.

Some kids are sensitive to certain materials while others are opposed to buttons, zippers, and restrictive clothing.

Some children are also uncomfortable wearing certain styles of clothing.

It forces them to conform to gender stereotypes in their dress; most uniforms consist of skirts for girls and pants for boys.

For example, if a girl feels she might be more comfortable in boyish outfits, she is blocked from making that choice if she is in a school that requires uniforms where she is forced to wear skirts.


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