Wedding Photography Business Plan Sample

Today begins a three part series on building a successful business plan as a photographer.The topic deserves its own full book, but hopefully these essays will give those of you just starting out a primer on things you need to consider when turning your hobby into a profession.Wedding photography business plan importance of having for your plans template.

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There’s a reason they don’t sell Porsches at Walmart. But if you’re a bargain shopper, the odds are you’re not going to be in the market for a sports car.

Just like if you’re a in need of a passport photo because it’s required by law, you’re likely to have different budget expectations than a corporation needing an image to help sell their product. You need to know how much to charge for that product to sustain and grow your business.

Where would you place yourself among that pool of photographers? How is your product differentiated from your competition? It’s one thing to be willing to undercut another photographer’s prices to win a bid, but if you’re not booking enough volume to make it a sustainable business, you’re not going to be successful.

Likewise, if you’re selling based on quality, you must first assure that you’re marketing to an audience that values quality.

On a basic gut level, you may have an idea that a certain type of photography would be popular in your area or that there is a certain market demand not being met.

But your business plan is where you want to dig a little deeper.

Your wedding is going to be one of the greatest times of your life.

With it's rustic foliage of vivid reds and golds, the fall season is the perfect backdrop for you and your family and friends to share in your big day.

Of course, each of those businesses come with their own shortcomings, but the idea is clear.

Naturally, knowing what the market needs first requires you to know your market.


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