Virtual Child Assignment

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These behaviors form a reflection of Piaget’s Sensorimotor cognitive development stage as discussed in coursework.

The child learns by engaging in motor activities or deciphering sensory impressions (JRank 1).

He was able to smile in response to external stimuli in his first few months.

He would smile when he saw a familiar face or when playing with toys.

At age 18, Lakshya had grown to be a conscientious and emotionally stable individual.

MY VIRTUAL CHILD 3 understand object permanence until 18 months old, whilst Baillargeon’s theory [CITATION Bai85 \p 191 \l 1033 ] suggests object permanence in children as young at 3.5 months old.

Apparently, he had deciphered the incidence as something undesirable that should be avoided by keeping away.

This phase is also the Preoperational Stage of Piaget’s cognitive stages.

Past two years of age, he had begun learning from environmental events by way of manipulating images and symbols.

For instance, at 2 ½ years a neighbor’s cat had scratched him painfully that he swore never to go back there even though he still liked the neighbors.


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