Virginia Woolf 1929 Essay

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According to Woolf, what is the relationship or connection between rooms of one's own and "women and fiction"?Woolf defines the question of women and fiction as being three inextricable questions: women and what they are like; women and the fiction they write; and women and what is written about them.

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Why does her exclusion make her so angry that she vows never to ask for "such hospitality" again?

What importance is it that the dinner at the women's college is "not good"?

How does this lead to an exloration of the founding of the women's college?

What is Woolf's broader conclusion about women and their cultural poverty that this incident leads to?

How does Woolf argue against the assumption that "no woman can write the plays of Shakespeare"?

What does Woolf mean by the statement, "Who can measure the heat and passion of a poet's heart when it is caught and tangled in a woman's body"?

What does Cambridge University represent for Woolf, a Modernist? Why are men so rich and women so poor, according to Woolf? What explains the startling contrast between women's estate in fiction (as "shining beacons" and as symbols of humanity) and in history (as slaves)?

What is the significance of the list of references to women she discovers in the course of her reading?

Why does it matter so much when Woolf walks on the turf at Cambridge University, and what does she make of this event?

Why is a woman barred from admission to the University's library?


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