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Organizational culture may be influenced by the individual and as well by groups within the organization and by supervisors and managers.It is important to understand that many times the Organizational culture results in individuals going against their own ethical principles because everyone else is going along as well.

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(Le Clair, Ferrell, and Fraedrich, 1998; as cited in Ferrell, nd) Various stages of moral development exist and the work of Kohlberg (1969) identified these as the stages as follows: 1) Pre-conventional stage - a stage of moral development in which the individual is centrally-focused upon their own needs and desires; 2) Conventional stage - a stage of moral development when the individual is group-centric in their focus and the values of the group and conformance to group expectations takes center stage; and 3) Principled stage - a stage of moral development in which the concern of the individual is to uphold basic rights, values and rules of society.

(Ferrell, nd; paraphrased) Kohlberg held that an "overlap" exist among the three stages therefore, "cognitive moral development should probably be viewed as more of a continuum than a series of discrete stages." (Ferrell, nd) Ferrell relates that Kohlberg held that "people may change their moral beliefs and behavior as they gain education and experience in resolving conflicts, which in turn accelerates their moral development.

The values and ethics of a business are the moral code by which the business operates.

While no business can control the actions of every employee, it can define expectations and develop procedures for violations.

After reviewing the literature to determine the concerns mentioned by business ethicists, the… Pages: 5 (1403 words) | Type: Book Review | Bibliography Sources: 1 ¶ … "Business Ethics" is not at all a contradiction in terms.

Pages: 55 (17336 words) | Type: Research Proposal | Bibliography Sources: 30 Ethics Cooper, Terry L. Sometimes it may seem that way, but that is only because business…

The result in an organizational culture, which serves in fostering "...conditions that limit or permit misconduct" and is termed as the 'ethical climate' of an organization.

(Ferrell, nd) The work of Saner and von Baeyer (2005) entitled: "Workplace and Policy Ethics: A Call to End the Solitudes" states: Policy and workplace ethics can be distinguished by reference to their structures (who is involved), their processes (how they operate), their standards (the norms applied).

Organizations typically involve highly differentiated social systems, with formal and informal boundaries and negotiated identities." (Jones, Watson, Gardner and Gallois, 2004) Jones, Watson, Gardner and Gallois (2004) note the work of Jonannesen (2001) who states the position that ethics is "inherent in the human communication process," (p.

202) in the process of making choices concerning the manner in which communication takes place in having an effect on others.


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