Usability Testing Research Paper

This requires knowledge of the target users and the context under investigation, so the recruitment team will need to gather information before recruitment begins.You should recruit participants who represent your target group/end users.

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Before you recruit participants, you must consider what criteria you need to apply when recruiting so that your participants can provide relevant insights for your project.

In some cases, your criteria may be very general, such as age, location, and experience with a certain type of widely used product (e.g., laptop computers).

They can have characteristics that are as broad or as narrow as the nature of your project; one thing you should never overlook, though, is accessibility – ensure you consider how users with disabilities would encounter your design.

On occasion, usability tests and other types of user research are carried out with employees from related businesses, but you should be careful about using your colleagues, because of the potential for bias.

Many products and services have a variety of different user types or groups, so you need to recruit a range of research participants so as to tap into these variations.

Ideally, time and budget permitting, when dealing with a product with multiple user groups, you should do research with each group separately.Companies sometimes outsource the job of recruiting research participants to a specialist firm or group.Such specialist firms will also need to take demographics and other qualities and characteristics into consideration when selecting potential participants on behalf of their clients.If you have a broad target group, you can use design consultancy IDEO’s method of recruiting both ‘Extremes’ and ‘Mainstreams’.By including extreme users, you can be more confident that your research covers the entire spectrum of your target group.On the other hand, you don’t want to add criteria that might make it difficult to recruit participants, at least not unless you really have to.The more specific the criteria you have, the more effort you must put into recruiting, so you should carefully consider the necessity of each criterion.In some projects, recruitment is a straightforward process, as there will be a ready supply of people willing and able to take part.However, when a product has a very specific target group, recruitment must be targeted at identifying the best possible candidates from the available pool.For example, when testing a new mobile app for checking which supermarket offers the cheapest prices on specific products, recruitment should be relatively straightforward, as the target users would be the general public – although you might have a few additional requirements such as a specific age group or income bracket.Recruiters could then simply ask people outside supermarkets if they would like to participate in the study.


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