Upton Sinclair The Jungle Essay

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Chapter XVIn Chapter Fifteen, the second major blow hits the family.

What effect has the family’s declining fortunes had on little Antanas? What effect does her second pregnancy seem to have on Ona?

Sinclair’s purpose was to expose the inhumane treatment of the working class and to precipitate change in American industry. He begins the long difficult task of finding another job. What happens to Jonas while Jurgis is incapacitated?

Instead, his graphic and nauseating descriptions of the meat packing industry led to passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act that had been stalled in Congress. Meanwhile, Jonas disappears; the family never learns his fate.1.

Journalists called “muckrakers” exposed the myriad problems of American society, politics, and industry in books and magazine articles. Sinclair’s promotion of the socialist party is an exception. What is the ethnic background of the main characters?

The history student can also benefit from using this novel as an example of the immigrant experience or the problems of early industrial society.

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The Jungle is the best-known of the muckraking works that came out of the Progressive Era of the early twentieth century; however, its scope is not limited to that particular period.

They arrive in Chicago full of excitement and optimism and gain employment in the meat packing plants. Chapter XMore tragedy befalls the family in the form of taxes, insurance, and sewer fees. Without his pay, the family comes closer to financial ruin.1.

A seemingly innocent and practical desire to own a home begins the chain of events that leads to ruin. Marija and Ona both struggle with their work situations.


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