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The real reason his R is terrible is that he's only analyzing junglers, which is basically the most complex and most nonlinear role in all of Lo L (I bet ADC vs CS/min would be pretty linear).

A lot of the jungler's role depends on EVERYTHING, from your team comp/synergy vs the enemy's, counter comps, your gank path, your team's predictions of the enemy, both jungler's ingenuity at finding something new and unexpected (for example Lee Sin ward hops to areas that avoid commonly warded areas of the enemy).

come from the graduate coordinator’s office at least two weeks prior to the exam.

The student must be registered for the appropriate number of hours prior to the exam.

The relationships between different variables rely on a ton of different assumptions, and they react to each other in complicated ways.

For example, I don't think you can theoretically claim a straightforward causal relationship between ward share and damage share.

Optimal Design of Experiments Linwei Hu Ph D 2014 Major Professor(s): John Stufken Bayesian Multiple Testing Under Dependence with Application to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Andrew Brown Ph D 2013 Major Professor(s): Nicole Lazar and Gauri Datta Extreme Value Estimators for Various Non-Negative Time Series with Heavy-Tail Innovations Andrew Bartlett Ph D 2013 Major Professor(s): William Mc Cormick Mixture Poisson Point Process: Assessing Heterogeneity in EMA Analysis Nat Kulvanich Ph D 2013 Major Professor(s): Stephen L. Sriram Determining bidder characteristics: an application of a bilinear mixed model in online auctions Mayukh Dass MS 2007 Major Professor(s): Lynne Seymour Multivariate association and dimension reduction Ross Iaci Ph D 2007 Major Professor(s): Xiangrong Yin, T. Sriram Maximum likelihood based estimation of hazard function under shape restrictions and related statistical inference Desale Habtzghi Ph D 2006 Major Professor(s): Somnath Datta Implementing selc (sequential elimination of level combinations) for practitioners -new statistical softwares Tan Ding MS 2006 Major Professor(s): Abhyuday Mandal Novel nonparametric methods for event time data Dipankar Bandyopadhyay Ph D 2006 Major Professor(s): Somnath Datta An evaluation of airbags Tremika Rahchell Finney MS 2005 Major Professor(s): Mary Meyer Semiparametric ancova using shape restrictions Yan Jiang Ph D 2005 Major Professor(s): Mary Meyer Mixed effects models for a directional response: a case study with loblolly pine microfibril angle Lewis Charles Jordan MS 2005 Major Professor(s): Daniel Hall Forecasting crop water demand: structural and time series analysis Murali Adhikari MS 2004 Major Professor(s): T. Sriram Regression models in standardized test prediction Leigh Michelle Harrell MS 2004 Major Professor(s): Mary Meyer Robust inference for randomized play the winner design An-Lin Cheng Ph D 2004 Major Professor(s): Anand Vidyashankar Extreme value methods in body-burden analysis: with application to inference from long-term data sets Matthew Joseph Atkinson MS 2004 Major Professor(s): Machelle Wilson Modelling and analysis of Intraocular Pressure (IOP) data Guorong Chen Ph D 2004 Major Professor(s): Gauri S.

Rathbun Design of cost-effective cancer biomarker reproducibility studies Stephanie Carrieann Cooke MS 2012 Major Professor(s): Kevin Dobbins Predicting outcomes of mixed martial arts fights with novel fight variables Jeremiah Douglas Johnson MS 2012 Major Professor(s): Daniel Hall Nonparametric analysis of time series with complex features Cong Feng Ph D 2012 Major Professor(s): Lynne Seymour Assessment of nonparametric frontier models applied to socially responsible investment Andrew Hoss MS 2011 Major Professor(s): Cheolwoo Park Nonparametric GARCH models for financial volatility Siyan S Hu MS 2011 Major Professor(s): Lily Wang Using regression based methods for time-constrained scaling of parallel processor computing applications Jeonifer Garren MS 2010 Major Professor(s): Jaxk Reeves Statistical study of the decay lifetimes of the photo-excited DNA nucleobase Adenine Zhuofei Hou MS 2010 Major Professor(s): Jaxk Reeves Derivation of the complete transcriptome of escherichia coli from microarray data Kan Bao MS 2009 Major Professor(s): Ying Xu A review of ruin probability models Brian James Fullilove MS 2009 Major Professor(s): William Mc Cormick The coordination of design and analysis techniques for functional magnetic resonance imaging data Sarah Rose Bednarski MS 2009 Major Professor(s): Nicole Lazar Effect of common errors in microsatellite data on estimates of population differentiation and inferring genotypic structure of complex disease loci using genome-wide expression data Ellen Hepfer Breazel Ph D 2008 Major Professor(s): Paul Schliekelman Applications of empirical likelihood to quantile estimation and longitudinal data Jien Chen Ph D 2008 Major Professor(s): Nicole Lazar Statistical methods for turtle bycatch data Johnathan Eugene Dean MS 2008 Major Professor(s): Dan Hall Penalized principal component regression Ayanna Nkenge Byrd MS 2008 Major Professor(s): Cheolwoo Park Estimation of the seed dispersal distribution with genotypic data Yimei Cai Ph D 2007Major Professor(s): Jaxk Reeves Estimation of the seed dispersal distribution with genotypic data Yimei Cai Ph D 2007 Major Professor(s): Jaxk Reeves Inference for controlled branching process, bayesian inference for zero-inflated count data and bayesian techniques for hairline fracture detection and reconstruction Archan Bhattacharya Ph D 200 7Major Professor(s): Gauri S. Datta Application and comparison of time series models to AIDS data Tadesse Haileyesus MS 2002 Major Professor(s): Lynne Billard Statistical modeling and analysis of the polymerase chain reaction Terri Lynn Henderson MS 2002 Major Professor(s): Anand Vidyashankar Are wealthier elderly healthier?

When people explore through, they often approach me with lots of ideas of different kinds of analyses to run, relationships they could construct between different variables, but Lo L is far too complicated an environment to do what baseball and other traditional sports have done with their stats. I remember something like heteroskedasticity not necessarily influencing parameter values, but their error estimates (i.e.

your slope and intercept are OK but your error estimates, CIs etc are off), but I don't trust my memory on something I haven't touched for some years.


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