Trouble Starting My Essay

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An accomplished writer knows never to hand in a piece of writing without revising it.

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Moreover, you need to set an appropriate tone and content for the essay.

This can be done through the provision of a basic structure of the essay.

This information can be provided in your thesis statement.

Beginning an essay this way is a popular method that requires you to find an appropriate quote that fits your objective and compose it in your own words. The following are guidelines that will assist you: In addition, you need to acknowledge sources and meet particular citation requirements. If you were to write this kind of essay, you would want to begin by selecting a topic that you can argue easily, explore all the possible reasons that one would be either for or against that particular issue, determine which position you'll take, carry out research and gather as much supporting evidence as possible and begin to write your introduction paragraph.

Examples of argumentative topics include: An informative essay can be defined as a piece of writing that aims at educating an audience about a particular topic.


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