Toni Cade Bambara The Lesson Thesis Statement

Toni Cade Bambara The Lesson Thesis Statement-24
While ostensibly the story is a simple narrative about a trip, upon further inspection one realizes the subtle poignancy Bambara was able to achieve. Notably, her short story Recitatif is considered a seminal work in racial writing...This essay examines the story in terms of the change in the main character Sylvia’s attitude after entering and encountering the F. and.....somewhat a happy note since both Sethe and Denver have managed to make milestones in terms of their recovery..The author has been very keen to use symbolism in expressing the disparity and the social as well as economic stratification depicted throughout the story. From their background it made no sense for a person to spend so much on toys. Schwarz, an expensive toy shop for the upper class is very symbolic.

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This story is about the transition that takes place in the girl’s personality.

The girl is an escapist of sorts, who hangs around with her friends, whiling the time away and not giving much thought to her position and place in the society.

There were quite a number of things modified by color from the opening paragraphs.

The narrator describes her as the “color of poor gray Georgia earth” (Walker, par. The color of the earth symbolizing that she is poor and does... Their marriage only lasted 6 years after which Toni divorced her architectural husband she met in Howard University.

That community suffered inequalities and humiliation in every area of social life.

Though the Constitution of America guarantees equality to all its citizens, in real terms, the privileged society practices all sorts of inequalities, and the African Americans face hurdles......

In this story Bambara recalls her college days in the 1960s.

Thorough the main character Sylvia, she exposes the grim realities of the African American life in that period.

The children develop different perceptions towards their new environment therefore many lessons emerge from the narrative.

Symbolism is used in literary work to add a deeper insight to the meaning. Schwarz, there is a great deal of amusement by the kids when they realize the high cost of toys.


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