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I’ll explain why in the next point but I ended up with an A in TOK so it worked for me.

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Each claim /argument has to be balanced with a counter claim / counter argument.

So, with 3 AOK, 3 WOK, and for each claim and counterclaim, you will need 6-7 paragraphs of 150-200 words each.

After you’ve selected a knowledge question, you’ll move on to the planning stage Before I go on, this is only ONE way you can go about doing your TOK essay. Well there are a few things you need to remember before we get to the next part. It’s up to you how many you think are relevant to the development of your essay.

I am not guaranteeing that this is the only way to do it but it IS one way to do it. What I personally did in my TOK essay was that I included two WOK’s for every one AOK I included.

They provide reasoning as to why your claim that you made with the thesis statement is true.

Each paragraph is backed by evidence to justify your claims.This section introduces your reader to the topic at hand.It gives details on what you intend to say and a little background information.All I’m implying is that this format is perfectly alright.In this next point, I’ll talk about the number of arguments you can use and how to add AOK’s and WOK’s to them.More importantly, you need to define complex terms that the reader may encounter to make it easier for them to understand your work.These paragraphs provide arguments and counterarguments to support your point of view.Once a writer has these, they formulate a blueprint that they can use to ensure that the writer effectively organizes all the major points they want to deliver. An essay outline is a framework that an author uses to organize an essay.In a theory of knowledge essay, a TOK essay outline becomes very critical.Most of the dirty work will be done by you after all. IB TOK is a very watered down, sort of introductory philosophy class. To think critically about a wide variety of issues. Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing are what bricks are to a construction company; they help you construct your ‘building’ (which in this case is your argument). The maximum word count for a TOK essay is 1600 words (at least it was when I did IB.While that may sound fun, the essay writing and presenting isn’t. You can even apply the tips in this article to your presentation. After all, you don’t see construction companies building skyscrapers without a blueprint. So in your IB TOK essay you’ll have to choose one main knowledge question out of a set of 8 if my memory serves me correctly. Let’s have a quick refresher on what the AOK’s and WOK’s are shall we? I’m basically an old man now so it might have changed).


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