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As the ice melts, the dark ocean absorbs the heat and the warming ocean more quickly melts the remaining ice.

Over the past three decades, the oldest and thickest of the Arctic sea ice has declined by a whopping 95%, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 2018 annual Arctic report. S., Russia, and China are now vying for hegemony of the Arctic region in order to get at the massive reserves of oil that exist there and will be accessible as the ice melts.

It took courage for me to talk openly about my history with a severe eating disorder and my coming to terms with my hearing-loss.

For much of my life, I thought our species would soon go extinct.

Now She had the courage to be imperfect and ask for private help from me with the poses. She had the courage to make new friends and be vulnerable. To be brave like an adult, move on, and get up and live my life.

My sister also joined us, having the courage to leave her two kids (one who has special needs and a very strict regimen) and take a week just for herself. Today my sister is signing up for a yoga teacher training course in Atlanta. It took many years for me to develop the courage to show emotion in front of other people.Some scientists fear a methane “burp” of billions of tons when a full melt of the summer arctic ice occurs, something that has not happened for the past four million years.Should such a sudden large release of methane occur, the earth’s warming would rapidly accelerate within months. The Arctic summer ice is currently two thirds less than it was as recently as the 1970s, and the arctic is warming so fast that a full summer melt is likely within the next five years.The continent of Antarctica is also rapidly melting at an acceleration of 280% in the last forty years.The massive ice melts that are happening there, such as the breaking off the Larsen B ice shelf defied scientific predictions; the ice shelf known as Larsen C, which broke off in July of 2017, was 2,200 square miles in size.I have the courage to say “I love __________.” When ________ happened I found I had courage I didn’t know I had.I have the courage to ask for help with ________________. I have the courage to go after my dream of ___________.I assumed we might last another hundred years if we were lucky.Now I suspect we are facing extinction in the near future. It might be similar to hearing about a diagnosis of late stage pancreatic cancer. Yes, one would be wise to face the likelihood and put one’s affairs in order. Over the past decade I have been studying climate chaos by reading scientific papers and listening to climate lectures accessible to a layperson. We have burned so much carbon into the atmosphere that the COlevels are higher than they have been for the past three million years.Can I speculate as to exactly when that might happen? Is it definite that the person is going to die soon? In the last decade our carbon emission levels are the highest in history, and we have not yet experienced their full impact.If we were to stop emitting carbon dioxide tomorrow, we are still on track for much higher heat for at least ten years.


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