Thesis Vs Antithesis

The few workers who become managers might create a new middle class that has even more power than the factory owners themselves.This synthesis of thesis and antithesis would eventually become a new thesis in its own right and begin the process of creating its opposite once again.This is called antithesis - a figure of speech which contrasts ideas, words and concepts in one sentence.

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One side is quite happy with the status quo and wants to leave things the way they are.

The other side is looking for change because they really aren't so happy with the current state of things.

Perhaps the new middle class has become so powerful that the factory owners begin to feel threatened.

The middle class is quite happy with their newfound status, but the bourgeoisie doesn't want to share.

But maybe the bourgeoisie doesn't feel threatened, and instead, the workers are resentful of their former friends and their new power. The antithesis can arrive from any source of unrest to oppose the thesis.

Even after this struggle is settled, there would eventually be unrest again, and an antithesis would spring from that new source of unrest and tension.The struggle between the two sides would eventually lead to a compromise or a synthesis of the two, resolving the tension between them by creating a new state.Perhaps the synthesis here is that members of the working class begin to take on managerial positions.19th century Europe was a capitalist society where the rich upper class called the bourgeoisie were a minority of the population.And the poor lower class, called the proletariat, were the majority.The idea of two opposing sides has come up many times through history.WEB Du Bois was very influential in the struggle of African-Americans for equal rights.Now you might think that the majority would have more sway over the society.But it was actually the bourgeoisie that had the power.The existing generally accepted state, or thesis, of a society would cause the formation of a reaction or antithesis that opposed the accepted state.In a capitalist society, the accepted thesis was that the bourgeoisie ran the factories while the working class provided the labor.


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