Thesis The Glass Menagerie

And this anxiety is perfectly displayed in The Glass Menagerie, which established his reputation as a playwright.

The Glass Menagerie is a story about the unhappy Wingfields who live a miserable life in an old and shabby St. Each of the Wingfields-the single mother Amanda, her adult daughter and son Laura and Tom, struggles desperately in severe anxiety.

Based on Freud’s theories of anxiety and defense mechanism, this thesis analyzes the different kinds of anxieties that torture the characters in the play so that a precious lesson may be learned from their psychological predicaments.

The thesis begins with a general introduction to the playwright Tennessee Williams and the play The Glass Menagerie, followed by literature review of this play and the research questions of this thesis.

The introductory part of the research paper presented the features of a dramatic discourse in relation to language of . Speech Act Theory and Gricean Pragmatics: Some Differences of Detail that Make a Difference. Tsohatzidis (eds.), Foundations of Speech Act Theory: Philosophical and Linguistic Perspectives, (pp.323–334).

Thesis The Glass Menagerie

A review of literature related to the play gives a summary of the literary and linguistic research carried out by different researchers to understand the play from various aspects. Observations about the Sound Shape of Spontaneous Discourses.

A detailed linguistic analysis unravels the functional aspects of dialogic discourse that are embedded in the lines of the text. In Edda Weigand (eds.), Dialogue Analysis: Units, Relations, and Strategies Beyond the Sentence.

The findings unfold the logics concealed in the dialogues and kind of structures used for dramatic effect. The Symbolism of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie an Inductive Approach (Unpublished master's thesis). Memory, Desire and the American Dream in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. Contributions in honour of Sorin Stati’s 65th birthday, (pp.

Dramatic Discourse: Dialogue as Interaction in Plays.

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