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Klein also states that the gangs call forth a consistently negative image of themselves through their actions (Klein).To those involved in gangs however, gang membership provided a youth means of attempting to consolidate their gender identities (Douglas)....

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Similarly, gang behavior crosses ethnic barriers and has been demonstrated by members of African-American, Asiatic, European and Hispanic origin.

In the context of gender, most gangs are made up of young males however some gangs allow young females to have limited participation and an even smaller number are entirely female dominated.

[tags: Gang, Crime, Illegal drug trade, Bloods] - Gang violence and murder are two factors that contribute to the delinquency that develops in young boys and girls.

Violence is seen among juvenile delinquency, where teenagers are victims of violence that exists around their neighborhood or violent acts their peers around them commit.

In addition, social and economic inadequacies such as poverty, segregation and poor education often work to foster gang activity.

An author likewise offer a number of factors that contribute to the formation of and participation in gangs and their violent activities.

Violence exists in poor neighborhoods where juveniles do not have any money or jobs and leads to them becoming thieves.

Caine is a young man that is surrounded by violence and drugs, where he becomes a delinquent due to him growing up in a dangerous neighborhood and being part of a group where his peers murder and steal....

The random nature of gang violence presents a similar risk of death or injury to individuals that have no association with gang related activity.

An author proposes that the mass media of television and music play a significant role in sensationalizing gang behavior and in contributing to the scope of participation across society.


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