Thesis On Why We Crave Horror Movies

Thesis On Why We Crave Horror Movies-63
Contrary to the natural instinct to gravitate towards self-preservation and contentment, it is ironical that humans actively seek fear and anxiety through horror movies.

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He says that horror movies are conservative as they reinforce the tradition of ‘normality’ by making people afraid of the abnormal.

By this, he means that by showing fear and disgust at the horror, human beings try to portray and re-emphasize that they are psychologically normal people.

The fact remains that despite of knowing that horror movies are about gory violence, evil spirits, sinister vengeance etc., people still choose to watch the movie.

If they had really felt repulsive towards the ugly, gory, violent and disgusting things in life, they would have chosen not to watch the horror movies, which are full of these things.

When we see another person suffer it helps us arouse psychological feelings such as curiosity and anxiety which causes comfort to see someone else in pain.

Furthermore these movies are merely exaggeration and mostly do not have any practicality linked to them.Horror movies provide the excitement lacking in a life of mundane routine.Humans innately crave strong sensations and stimulation of the nervous system. Movies as conservative and reactionary Stephen King, in his essay “Why we crave horror movies,” says that horror movies are conservative and reactionary.However, innately they are still curious about it and feel that these can be true. TOPIC: Why we crave......against normal human psyche because according to rules, one should loath the wrongdoer and be sympathetic to the one being wronged.Their fear of darkness, fear of closed rooms, fear of heights etc., show that human beings do believe in the existence of ghosts and paranormal. But again, what Stephen King stated was right, that is, we all are fanatically mad deep within us and there is a part of us that wants us to be impressed by the one who scares others and does wrong. Although we make long speeches and lengthy discussions against aggression, destruction, hostility and belligerence, still we enjoy aggressiveness being shown in films and being played around us.However, their thirst to know the unknown and their excitement is fulfilled through the horror movies. The realm of uncertainty instills feelings of terror and panic, often “challenging[ing] or suspend[ing] the natural laws by which we live (Walters 2004).Horror movies serve the craving to know what happens if there are ghosts or devils or evil spirits. The two movies, “30 Days of Night” and “The Descent”, offer a heart pumping, frightening experience through the use of building tension and mystery.It is a long held belief that only abnormal people can get joy and happiness by watching horror movies.People try to display this belief by reacting with horror at whatever gory happens in the horror movies.To conclude, on a metaphorical level, our craving for horror movies is a manifestation of the sadistic streak within us. “To show that we can, that we are not afraid, that we cab ride this roller coaster.” This forms the first reason why most people engage in horror movies.This craving also exemplifies how the malevolent and the unscrupulous streak within us will use whatever means possible to satisfy its yearnings. From this perspective, the continuous appetite for horror movies gets attributed to the fact that people want to overcome their fears and prove their capacity to the whole society.


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