Thesis Computer Vision Syndrome

Using computer for prolonged time led to the users at greater health risk of computer vision syndrome (CVS).Computer vision syndrome is the leading occupational health problem of the twenty-first century.The public health burden of CVS was becoming the concern of policy makers and attracts the attention of researchers.

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However, these studies are not sufficient to explore the nature of CVS and predictor variables at different groups of computer users.

Over the past 30 years, there has been a great advancement in computer technology.

Paucity of information found on the problem of CVS and determinant factors in sub-Saharan African Countries, including Ethiopia.

The couple of studies conducted in Ethiopia attempted to determine the prevalence of CVS and associated factors among computer users in academic institutions and financial institution, but their focus was on academic institutions and bank workers [10, 11].

A nationwide study in Sri Lanka reported that more than two-thirds of computer office workers were suffering from CVS [9].

A couple of studies conducted in Gondar, Ethiopia, reported that more than 73% of computer users who are working as secretaries, data processors, and bankers were developing CVS [10, 11].

About 70 percent of computer users are suffered from CVS.

Besides the health problems, CVS causes inefficiency at workplace and deteriorate quality of work.

The problem of CVS and its risk factors are not well known in Ethiopia. A cross-sectional study was conducted to assess the prevalence of CVS and associated factors among computer user government employees in Debre Tabor town from February to March, 2016.

Multistage random sampling method was applied to select 607 study participants, and the data were collected by using a structured questionnaire.


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