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Surveys regarding Computer-Assisted Feedback disclosed that most students preferred typed comments and nearly all believed that they learned something from the interactive websites linked to their errors.In support of the use of the weblog as an alternative means of assessment, almost all of students said that they preferred writing the weblog to the more traditional written journal, and most believed that it improved their English.The student-centred nature of online interaction was also supported by the comparison of an in-class discussion to an online-discussion using Flanders' Interactional Analysis categories, which demonstrated that over three quarters of a face-to-face class was teacher-led compared with about a tenth of an online class.

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It makes a seminal contribution to applying language learning theories to Latin and suggests innovative methods for aligning students’ needs and expectations with their learning experience.

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The findings confirm that traditional ab initio Latin teaching approaches are not well-aligned with learners’ goals, establish the value of taking a broader approach to pedagogy and provide new ways of defining and investigating Latin reading skills.

This research has the potential to enhance Latin pedagogy in UK universities and other institutions.

This methodology is not based on the usual methods by which languages are taught.

Rather the approach is patterned upon counseling techniques and adapted to the peculiar anxiety and threat as well as the personal and language problems a person encounters in the learning of foreign languages.A Master of Arts Thesis Submitted to the College of Arts and Sciences by Jason Ward, "A Thesis in the Use of Computer Assisted Language Learning in a Whole Language Contest," May 2005. How can technology be used to enhance the delivery of whole language and motivate students? Available are Both Soft and Hard Copies of the Thesis.It was also the first method to combine the field of language learning with dynamics and principles of “counseling”.Important and beneficial as that may be, it could be said that the method goes too far in the direction of affective factors at the expense of other considerations.Some scholarship expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of Latin reading skills attained, but little work had been done on defining the nature of desirable skills or in exploring how they might be attained or investigated. To advance understanding of how Latin learning takes place and to investigate the potential benefits of existing conceptual and pedagogical frameworks, this study draws on modern language learning theories and teaching practices and explores the application of Vygotskian sociocultural theory to learning events taking place under a communicative teaching approach.Research methods were selected pragmatically, with quantitative methods deployed to obtain a comprehensive snapshot of current practice in UK universities, while the more complex areas of learning events and perceived benefits were investigated through a combination of participant observation, interviews and innovative reading and drawing exercises.Community Language Learning is an innovative approach that Brown (19) lists as one of the “Designer Methods of the Spirited Seventies”.It is certainly unique in that it is one of the first methods to be developed that really focused on the feelings of the students and tried to address “affective” factors in learning (particularly for adult learners).Algorithmic methods have been applied in an attempt to remove automated downloads from the displayed statistics but no guarantee can be made as to the accuracy of the figures.Community Language Learning (CLL) Putri Wulan Dela (06081001026) Megawati (06081001028) INTRODUCTION Community Language Learning (CLL) was primarily designed for monolingual conversation classes where the teacher-counselor would be able to speak the learners’ L1.


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