The Story Of Tom Brennan Essay Introduction

Daniel is sent to jail and the Brennan's leave town.They move to Tom's Grandmother's in Coghill- an old house whose dark walls are covered in Patron Saints. Tom and his sister Kylie start their new school year at St Bennies whilst their mother takes to her bed and their father plays the game of 'tiptoe' as he tries to balance the pain of his family with the debt of his paralysed nephew.Tom's older brother, Daniel, starts a fight at the 'sudden death' pre-final party - then, worse, Daniel is involved in a car accident on the way home.

What Tom thinks he misses most is football, especially playing with his brother Daniel a winning partnership of halfback and five-eight followed closely by the local paper as 'The Legend of the Brennan Brothers.'Now Tom must join St Bennies rugby team, known as the team that 'couldn't catch a cold'.

But there are lessons to be learnt as Tom is reminded that a great team is one that plays with unity and spirit. Tom and Brendan start running together in the morning and it's only then Tom begins to relive his memories of Daniel – some good and to Tom's realisation some suggesting how they'd come to this. So plans are made to trek to the Mount Everest Base Camp and Tom prepares for the gruelling task of climbing a mountain. Daniel is racked with guilt and blackness to the point he is transferred to the prison's crisis care unit.

"For seventeen-year-old Tom, life is about rugby, his mates and his family, who are well respected in their small country town.

But a night of celebration changes his life forever.

reminded me I was an outsider.’ p/27 nervous start to new school Getting fit with Brendan climbing the mountain and regains his appetite chap10 developing relationship with Chrissy chap10 and p/183 p/184 Chatting about Daniel’s situation with Tom’s new mates P178 Kylie’s public speaking I’d be a liar if I said an enormous weight hadn’t lifted off my shoulders.

0 is awarded to the outstanding senior English major.

and if they did how would it be any different here? p/203 out to dinner with chrissy after being starkers in the shower.

p/17 ‘That’s the kind of tragic town this was’ p/21 Coghill was spoilt, and it made me hate it all the more.’ p/22 ‘ ... Living with Grandmother Evidence/ incident p/5 ‘We were here.....

p/3 ‘Since Daniel had gone, Mum hadn’t eaten at the table once.’ p/11 ‘Mum’s bent head revealed grey roots bleeding into her dark hair.’ p/49 ‘Maybe dad was telling the truth ... ’ p/83 I could see Mum sitting on the bed probably planning her 25th attempt at coming back to life ..

maybe she was waiting to hear how my first day went. she was so different these days so fragile’ p/154 Kath reads the riot act with what Tess (mum) is allowed to get away with.


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