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I get bogged down and a bit lost when it comes to his sermons and Biblical interpretations. What message do you think Barbara Kingsolver is trying to teach us with this part of the story? How important are the circumstances in which the phrase comes into being? Why do you suppose that Reverend Nathan Price is not given a voice of his own? What do we learn about cultural, social, religious, and other differences between Africa and America?His sense of mission is strong and almost too extreme. Do you think the Price family is strong enough to endure it together? Do we learn from his wife and daughters enough information to formulate an adequate explanation for his beliefs and behavior? To what degree do Orleanna and her daughters come to an understanding of those differences?Ironically, the Demonstration Garden got destroyed a few days after it was planted, and had to be re-built.

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It’s an eye-opening read and like Under the Jeweled Sky, which was set during India’s independence from the British, it makes me want to learn more about the Congo’s actual history. Have you ever been to a place which gave you a culture shock?

We think of independence from another country’s reign as a positive change but in both of these books, their independence can also have dire consequences for the people living there.1.

What I am enjoying most so far is getting to know about life in the Congo. Are they in love or is their marriage more a business arrangement? The Price Family carries little things from the US on them to the Congo, the small comforts of home to start their mission. What comforts of home would you take with you if you were traveling abroad? The family has quite a culture shock when they arrive in the Congo. Please join in the conversation to discuss this thought-provoking book!

I don’t think I will ever get to to travel to Africa in person and so far I love learning about the language, the beliefs and how these people survive and thrive on so little. From the meager housing accommodations (which are considered lavish to the Congolese) to the cooking style requiring all day to boil water to prepare meals and have a warm bath.

The beginning was still tough for me to get through. And some more in-depth questions from Lit Lovers:9.

I am disliking Nathan’s character and it’s difficult watching him trying to spread the word of a glorious God when he treats his own family so poorly and sometimes, downright cruelly. How do you think independence will impact the Congolese village where the Price Family lives? What are the implications of the novel’s title phrase, the poisonwood bible, particularly in connection with the main characters’ lives and the novel’s main themes?

The first couple books talk about the family’s initial culture shock and adjusting to their new financially impoverished environment.

The section ends when the Congo earns independence from Belgium and new Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba’s speech.

After Nathan releases the parrot, it continues to keep going back to the Price family because it needs to be fed by humans because it never had the chance to learn how to fend for it's self.

Also, because it was never out in the wild, it never learned how to protect it's self from predators.


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