The Body Of An Essay Is Made Up Of What Kind Of Paragraphs

The Body Of An Essay Is Made Up Of What Kind Of Paragraphs-46
The reason for this is your introduction is a summary of what your essay is going to be about.It’s pretty difficult to write a summary on something that you haven’t composed yet.There are specific points that must be included in the short paragraph found at the beginning of your essay.

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At this point, you will summarize the main points of your essay and put them down in a few short sentences.

Take a look at your essay’s outline, and pull out all the big headings.

You have one sentence to really grab the interest of the person doing the reading, and that’s the very first one.

The first sentence of your introduction, along with the rest of the essay, should be clear, compelling, and factual.

Now that you have the attention of your instructor, or whoever else is doing the reading, you have to keep it.

After reading a compelling hook, hopefully, they want to know more about the subject matter.

One way to formulate your introduction is by asking yourself the questions that the reader may have for you.

The main questions that you should be considering include: All of these can be answered in the brief paragraph that is your introduction.

Just be sure to formulate your answers to meet the expectations of your audience.

With these answers jotted down, you can then begin coming up with a rough outline of your introduction.


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