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This means never saying, "That isn't in my job description." If you finish a task early, ask for more.In my experience, bosses often assign temps significantly less work than they can handle because they're testing them out and aren't sure what to expect.The more people in your network, the more connections you have to other companies and other potential employment opportunities.

This means never saying, "That isn't in my job description." If you finish a task early, ask for more.

Learn about each category of worker including the benefits they’re entitled to and how to determine which type of worker you employ. Join us as we explore the gig economy including what employing gig workers means for businesses and how to avoid potential legal issues.

What’s the Difference Between an Employee, Worker and Self-Employed?

When employers post a temp job, students are automatically notified by email.

This allows students to pick and choose the assignment(s) they wish to apply for.

Oftentimes temps get treated differently from full-time employees.

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They aren't viewed as being as much a part of the team, or they're seen as more easily replaceable.

I'm partial to temp agencies because I worked temp jobs every summer while I was in college, before ultimately starting a full-time job at a temporary employment agency after graduation.

I was able to earn more money during those summers than most other short-term jobs were offering, and I collected important "office experience"; for my resume.

Even if your temp job is only short-term, you can take the opportunity to learn new skills that will make you more marketable for your next position.

When a company looks to hire another temp or even a full-time employee, already knowing the skills and software necessary for that job will put you in a much better place to be hired.


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