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The principle behind the systematic reviews process is that the researcher critically evaluates previous studies, in a much more comprehensive and systematic way than a standard literature review.In many cases, statistical meta-analysis tools are used to give the review a quantitative foundation, allowing correlations to be documented and conclusions to be drawn.

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Systematic reviews, and meta-analysis, are regarded as a cornerstone of healthcare research, essential where it is impractical or unethical to keep repeating old research.

In addition to the potential risks of repeated research upon patients and volunteers, there are now laws in many countries prohibiting excessive research using animals.

Modern medical research generates so much literature, and fills so many journals, that a traditional literature review could take months, and still be out of date by the time that the research is designed and performed.

In addition, researchers are often guilty of selecting the research best fitting their pre-conceived notions, a weakness of the traditional 'narrative' literature review process.

The problems with narrative literature came to light a couple of decades ago, when critics realized that reviewers looking at the same body of evidence often generated completely different findings.

They drew conclusions based upon their specialty, rather than the compelling evidence contained within the body of research.and health care resource utilization for the management of AEs of melanoma treatments, published between January 1, 2007, and February 23, 2017. Studies reporting were included; most estimated the costs for grade 3 or 4 events.In a United States study, monthly AE costs constituted 36.9% of overall health care costs for dacarbazine, 30.3% for paclitaxel, 9.2% for temozolomide, 6.4% for vemurafenib, and 4.0% for ipilimumab.Some currently available therapies were not available during the research period, and their associated AEs are not reflected. For some studies, resource-use estimates reflect practice patterns from a limited number of centers, limiting generalizability.Division of Hematology - Medical Oncology, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.The main problem is the rapid advancement of medical research and technology, often meaning that many reviews are out of date before they are even published, forcing researchers to update their findings constantly.The development of specialist organizations for finding and evaluating data minimizes the effects of this particular shortcoming.Catherine Copley-Merriman, Josephine Mauskopf, and Evelina A.Zimovetz are salaried employees of RTI Health Solutions.To help medical professionals, specialist compilers assess and condense the research, entering it into easily accessible research databases.They are an integral part of the research process, and every student of medicine routinely receives a long and extensive training in the best methods for critically evaluating literature.


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