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The book should attract supplementary use in courses in applied linguistics and sociolinguistics as well as in the history of the English language.Some fifty years ago, when Latin was a required subject of study in many American high schools, students often expressed their attitude toward this academic exercise with the little ditty: Latin is a language As dead as it can be First it killed the Romans And now it's killing me.

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It will be the second volume in the Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics series, edited by Edward Finegan.

Linguists are increasingly aware that external social contact can be as significant as internal grammatical structure in instigating and determining the direction of changes within a language's syntax, phonology, and lexicon.

In contrast, students of those days (and perhaps today's students) often complained that, if they were to be required to study a foreign language, why could it not be Spanish?

Spanish, after all, was the first language of a majority of the people living in the Western Hemisphere: in Mexico, in Central America, in Puerto Rico, in most of the countries of South America.The central objective of this article is therefore to explicate the theoretical motivations for having the term Translanguaging and its added value, respond to some of the questions raised by researchers who are either sympathetic or critical of the term, and clarify some of the confusion that has been caused by the proliferation of its usage.I will do so by framing Translanguaging as a practical theory of language.Despite this fact, however, existing textbooks on the history of English give scant attention to this sociolinguistic perspective.The present work is designed to serve as a much needed supplement to such texts.Without benefit of any technical expertise or linguistic sophistication, the students who sang this song--most with considerable conviction--knew clearly what was meant by a "dead" language. No one spoke Latin, or wrote it to exchange greetings, to ask for directions, to complain about the weather or the increase in taxes, to interview sports heroes, to report the news of the day, to seek voter support in the next election, to declare that a state of war existed between the United States and Germany-- in short, to do the myriad things, whether trivial or grave, that a "living" language is ordinarily, and extraordinarily, used for.Latin was (and is) no longer a language of everyday communication among people, young and old, as they carry out their daily affairs.The term Translanguaging seems to have captured people’s imagination.It has been applied to pedagogy, everyday social interaction, cross-modal and multimodal communication, linguistic landscape, visual arts, music, and transgender discourse.The growing body of work gives the impression that any practice that is slightly non-conventional could be described in terms of Translanguaging.There is considerable confusion as to whether Translanguaging could be an all-encompassing term for diverse multilingual and multimodal practices, replacing terms such as code-switching, code-mixing, code-meshing, and crossing.


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