Strategic Marketing Management Assignment

Strategic Marketing Management Assignment-2
Options: Porter’s generic strategies (focus, cost leadership and differentiation), core competences (G Johnson and K Scholes, G Hamel and C K Prahalad), competitive advantage (H Davidson, M Porter), investment opportunity evaluation (D F Abell and J S Hammond), General Electric model, Shell directional policy matrix, market leadership, market challenger, market follower, market niche, market pioneer, offensive, defensive and value-based marketing strategies This unit enables learners to develop a knowledge and understanding of a marketing strategy and to undertake practical activities that enable them to contribute to the development and achievement of a marketing plan.As a 30-hour unit, there is a need to be selective in the content.A range of assessment methods is suitable for use with this unit including: Assessment involving a range of assessment methods and a combination of individual and group activities should be encouraged.

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The assessment for this unit involves learners in the study of marketing strategy principles, activities and practice.

Evidence produced for this unit should include a combination of demonstrating knowledge and understanding of marketing strategy principles and activities and their practical application to marketing strategy situations.

It is proposed to follow a cost leadership strategy combined with the market development approach, which focus on broad market of foreign customers in a particular targeted country as the appropriate business strategy for initial expansion in order to stay competitive.

1.4 Window of Opportunity Due to unforeseen political and economic fluctuations in the world economy and labour issues in the domestic market, the profitability of the company has been deteriorated.

4 2.0 The analysis of the foreign market As an international marketing consultant for Sri Lanka’s Up Country Tea Estate (Pvt) Ltd, there are several various factors needed to be considered when analyzing foreign markets.

The author conducts PESTEL analysis, CAGE framework, 12Cs framework and Harrell & Kiefer model to evaluate the best suited international market to expand its horizon to in the proceeding report.

Learners should be encouraged to use ICT resources for research and investigation activities and for producing their final assessment.

This unit could be delivered jointly with Unit 4: Strategic Planning and Implementation or Unit 11: Strategic Review, enabling learners to understand the corporate strategy as a critical underpinning activity and how it integrates into the overall marketing strategy and the marketing mix strategies.


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