Steps To Develop A Business Plan

If they have some downtime during the holidays and are interested in the work, that’s a seed that can be planted early on. For pipeline building to be effective, you need an organized, efficient way of managing your talent pool.

Some schools even allow businesses to come in periodically at their own discretion and talk with students. Create a simple spreadsheet of people you meet at career fairs who express interest; past employees who’ve left on favorable terms; and great candidates you may have passed on previously for whatever reason.

Here, Culinary Agents Founder and CEO Alice Cheng shares the number one secret to hiring for the holidays, plus tips for pulling it off.

At Culinary Agents, we always talk about talent pipeline building: making sure you have a constant flow of qualified people you’re keeping in contact with.

But remember, stick with people in your pipeline — when you frantically hire and the people who come on are not qualified, it actually causes work for everyone else. Once you’ve found holiday talent, be deliberate about keeping in touch with them.

Have a form of exit interview in which you provide feedback and ask what else they’re interested in.

Culinary Agents archives the history of past applicants and matches along with their profiles; use this to your advantage.

Use career fairs and culinary and hospitality schools.

Often described as a roadmap to success, a business plan has many important uses from demonstrating the viability of a business, measuring success, identifying weaknesses and secure funding from angle investors, banks government bodies.

It should be continuously updated as the business evolves.


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