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We start having an essence of courage in us that we did not have before we started knowing God just as Augustine who started seeing a change in his life when he turned back to God.

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In our lives, what usually comes to light is always considered as the truth.

When Augustine came back to God and started believing in his word and his teachings, he was more truthful and was more honest and truthful with himself and with others (Warner 17).

It is not a complete autobiography but it provides the most complete record of the life of any single person from the forth and fifth centuries.

It is theological in nature and Augustine writes about how much he regrets being a sinner and being immoral Augustine gave the autobiography this specific title to show that the work would take two aspects.

Augustine believes that by him narrating his change from sinfulness to faithfulness, he does not only give his readers a practical edification but he also believes that the narrative is itself a story of the greatness of God and the love that all things have for God (Chadwick 27).

The confessions was very popular because of its originality.

During the time that Augustine lived, confessions meant both to give an account of one’s mistakes and wrongs to God and also to speak one’s love for God.

These two aspects are clearly brought out in the confessions.

This means that God does not change even though his creations change.

God is an eternal essence to which we owe our existence.


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