Solving Relationship Problems

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” Make an appointment when you’ll both have time to think and respond thoughtfully. Think through the problem and describe it carefully: This is not the time to just blurt out whatever comes to mind. Also, try to state your problem as why it’s a problem for you, and not to blame your partner or anyone else.

• First, before your appointment time, think about what the problem is and how to state it so your partner will understand and not feel attacked.

It can even help to write it down, in case your memory is different later.

If find yourself disagreeing about what you decided, you can check with your written agreement.

Once we’ve solved a problem, and made a good decision, how do we act on it?

Solving Relationship Problems Sociology Deviance Essay Questions

Of course, no decision, no matter how carefully made, is worth anything until you carry it out.

Most problems can be solved before they become disasters if you deal with them early and approach them with a team spirit of solving them together. Make an appointment: Don’t ambush each other with a problem, especially when you’re getting ready for bed, rushing off to work or having an intimate evening.

If you get into an argument that’s building, stop it by making an appointment to discuss the issue later. Will you have time tonight after dinner (or this weekend, or tomorrow afternoon)?

By following the previous exercises and guidelines, you’ve created a good, solid decision that will help you be successful in your relationship.

Now, for the plan of “attack.” Here are the simple steps necessary to reach your goal: Four Steps to Success: You and your partner have used the problem solving steps to make a decision. You may be surprised to learn that you can make a decision, but not really be committed to it.


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