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Remember, in the event of a disaster, space, money and time will be at a premium.Concentrate on the truly necessary items and not every item they currently use.In this article and associated network disaster recovery plan template, we’ll examine the issues that should be addressed when preparing and deploying a network disaster recovery plan for voice and data communications.

This article and our free, downloadable business continuity policy template will provide a useful starting point for preparing a business continuity policy.

Read our tips and then download the policy template.

The computers in the office must connect to some sort of server or application that allows orders to be taken, materials to be shipped, services to be performed, invoices to be mailed or payroll to be met.

Walk around your office and you will see the things that tie your business together.

A timely and well-planned recovery can make the difference between bankruptcy and the survival of your business.

There are many different types of catastrophic events.A disaster recovery plan is a document that details how your business will recover from a catastrophic event.When you're sure that all of your employees are safe and sound after a disaster strikes, implementing your disaster recovery plan should be your first order of business.Estimate how much it will cost to replace each piece from the list of necessary office equipment that you created in step two.The time you spend now on this task will shave days off of the recovery process later on because you will be able to provide a list to your insurance company detailing exactly what you need, and you will likely receive an insurance check sooner.In this tutorial, we'll examine what's needed to prepare an emergency management plan that addresses not only the initial incident response but also the longer term support needed to manage the emergency to a suitable conclusion.Read our guide on emergency management planning below, and then download our free emergency management plan template to get started.Your disaster recovery list may include the following items: Now that you have a list of people, furniture and equipment, you will need a physical place to put them.This does not mean that you have to rent office space and let it sit empty.For example, customer service representatives and accounting personnel should be marked as critical, while telemarketing people making outbound sales calls might be secondary.For each employee, list only the essential office equipment and furniture that they need to perform their jobs.


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