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There are also fibrous disks between each vertebra, which provide shock absorption.

So, for example, in the case of the biceps, the upper arm and shoulder are the origins (anchor) and the bones of the forearm are the insertion.

Interestingly, the amount of power the muscle needs is directly related to the length of the bone (or lever) and where it is attached.

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Arguably the most important of the 5 functions of the skeletal system is protection.

The most obvious example of the functions of the skeleton's protective properties is the human skull.

When there is a surplus of blood calcium, it’s put back into the bones.

This is why dietary calcium and vitamin D are so important.

Some creatures do not have internal skeletons and instead they have external shells (or exoskeletons) with muscle attachments on the interior.

The rigid structure of the skeletal system also allows it to perform another one of the 5 functions of the skeletal system: movement.


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