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In fact, Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) concept subsequently was developed based on the Gantt chart.

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Administrative theory, another part of classical school of thought, focuses on principles to coordinate the internal activities of the organization.Drawbacks of Scientific Management School of Thought: (a) Basic scientific management principles revolve around the operational level problems and do not focus on managerial issues essential for managing an organization.That is why it is often said that scientific management approach is more about engineering than management.(b) While framing the principles, assumptions about workers only consider that they are rational and primarily driven for their desire to fulfil material gains.Gantt chart, on the other hand, is used for production planning to compare the actual and planned performances.It is a visual device for production control, indicating progress of production in terms of time rather than quantity.In fact, time and motion study concepts were developed by F. Taylor in association with Frank and Lillian Gilberth.Like Taylor, Frank Gilberth is known as the father of motion study.This system requires workers to perform at some pre decided standard rate to earn their base wages. If workers are able to produce more, then in addition to their base rate, they get incentives on the number of excess units produced over and above the standard units.This serves both the interest of workers and management, as workers feel motivated to maximize their earnings, while management gets the benefit of increased productivity.Time and motion study, as already pointed out, facilitates determination of standard time for performing a job.Time study helps in the determination of time required, duly defining the art of recording, analysing and synthesizing the time elements of each operation.


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