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Ethically and morally it may be wrong and I suspect anyone cheating like this would get caught out sooner or later but ultimately it isn't illegal.

Therefore I think if a student has paid for an essay writing service they should get what they have paid for.

I wouldn't be surprised if this thread is deleted since TSR clearly has an interest in this practise, though.

A lot of sites that aim for the essays to be used as a guide will submit them to places like turnitin, at my uni any work that I submit goes through this first.

I find these websites deplorable, I don't have as big a problem with sites where work is uploaded to be used as a guide and submitted to plagiarism software but where the essays are clearly used to cheat and beat plagiarism software.

Students who use them can also get ripped off, and the issue is discussed in this guardian blog Does anyone have sympathy for students that get ripped off? I can identify with the panic felt when you don't know where to start and you have a fast approaching deadline but find the idea of cheating in this manner (or any other method) abhorrent.

It might stll be a grey area and something you don't agree with but it is not a custom essay writing site (which are deplorable) The key difference is the these essays on coursework info are pre-written, not always the same essay question, and have been submitted to plagiarism software. Yes, I agree that pre-written essays are more deplorable than sites which take jobs directly, but both can be used for the same process.

This is not the case for custom writing sites, which ate are certainly designed to help students circumvent plagiarism and cheat. What we also have to remember is that, although this has been posted in University discussion, these sites may also sell A-Level and GCSE essays which vary very little in their subject matter and wording.

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