Short Story Comparison Thesis

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While summer is an enjoyable time of the year when you get to take vacations and spend time outside, winter is the better season for a variety of reasons.During summer, it is often too hot to spend a significant amount of time outside.Whether you enjoy going to a movie theater or watching a movie at home, it is clear both experiences have some stark differences.

While summer is an enjoyable time of the year when you get to take vacations and spend time outside, winter is the better season for a variety of reasons.

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'Paper or plastic' is a common question to hear when grocery shopping, and both types of bags have their benefits and drawbacks, but one is clearly more preferable.

Paper is sturdier, can hold heavier and more objects, but is harder to carry.

The e-book side argues that they are more convenient, easier to read in a variety of lighting, and cut down on the amount of stuff you have to carry when traveling.

Both kinds of reading are ultimately enjoyable, though for different reasons.

While some people prefer to keep cats as house pets, there is also a large group of people who prefer dogs.

Short Story Comparison Thesis

Many people believe that cats are a better pet because they clean themselves, do not need to be taken out for walks, and are generally calmer than dogs.Going to a movie theater is less private, which means you might be sitting with some loud talkers, but allows you to see new movies on a big screen with a sound system.Depending on what kind of experience you are looking for, both viewing a movie at home and going to see one in theaters offers an enjoyable entertainment experience.However, dog lovers feel that dogs are more fun to play with, give love more easily, and are more loyal.They both make good pets, but for different reasons.Whereas e-books provide a new kind of convenience for readers, many people still prefer to use traditional printed books.Some argue that paper books have a certain nostalgia that makes them more enjoyable to read, are easier to make notations in, and are an important part of culture.In winter, all you need to do is add more layers in order to stay warm.Also, in the summer, vacation destinations are often overcrowded and expensive, while those same places might be easier to enjoy during the winter.This is called a compare-contrast essay, and it is a form you are likely to encounter often.Comparison essays tend to focus on similarities, while contrast essays focus on differences.


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