Short Book Review Of Who Moved My Cheese

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The full title of this little book by Spencer Johnson is Who Moved My Cheese? And this book has indeed been a big seller on the self-help shelves.

Written for all ages, the story takes less than an hour to read, but its unique insights can last a lifetime.

Greetings, I have heard about this book and was wondering if anyone has read it yet?

Meanwhile, the less-intelligent mice find cheese and are doing fine. It shows you that you have to be alert to changes so you don’t get caught unprepared when your “cheese” (job, relationship, etc.) inevitably disappears.

It shows you that you must simply take care of business when change occurs instead of getting bogged down in overanalyzing the situation.

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All of them used to go into a maze daily in search of cheese which they liked.

They used to run through the maze which has many corridors and doors and also some dangerous dark places.

They feel so happy and think that this is going to last forever and they eventually start shifting their home closer to the cheese station C.

On the other hand, two mice Sniff and Scurvy were continuously monitoring what is happening to the cheese in the station and finds that it is getting smaller each day.


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