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Use of British spellings, such as ‘colour’ instead of ‘color’ can also result in missed hits.

Combined with punctuation and spacing variations, misspellings can wreak havoc on even the most diligent searcher.

While specific searches can be completed without much concern, due diligence can often require searching on many name variations in different databases and culling through a myriad of results.

Even after you’ve identified which records are applicable, there is no method for assembling that data into a cohesive search result for easy review and dissemination.

Multiple searches for each available search field should be entered to cover differences in data entry protocols at the UPSTO, regarding spelling, spacing, punctuation, name variations, corporate indicators and even errors.

Searching the USPTO website can be a complex process, even for the most seasoned public record searcher.Within those two silos, each database is further broken down into additional areas containing multiple search fields.Consider devising a search strategy in advance that covers the following sections: Yes.Assignments are often complex and diverse, frequently addressing matters reaching beyond IP rights.The complexity of these documents may necessitate a significant effort from the Patent Office in order to ensure that the documented changes in title are accurately reflected in Office records.To do it right, you need to be familiar with boolean search logic and the USPTO’s changing data entry protocols, and patient enough to review a long list of possible search results, identify the relevant results and organize this information into a clear, logical format.Before starting a search, it is important to understand that the USPTO website is separated into trademark and patent ‘silos’.Uncovering security interests and understanding the priority position of lenders in this intangible collateral is critical.This can be accomplished through searching for UCC filings and filings at the USPTO.In the event of any inconsistency between this notice and the applicable legislation, the legislation must be followed.It is the responsibility of the applicant/right holder to decide how to proceed with respect to a particular application or other matter.


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