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They have an amazing faculty whom remembered me upon admission.I took five classes that challenged me to be my very best.

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Columbia University is wholly committed to the academic well-being and personhood of their students inside and outside of studies.The skills I learned made me a better student during my senior year.It helped me buckle down when high school seemed petty knowing that college was indeed everything I thought it was. .because, in a sense, I had already been to a fantastic one, albeit for six weeks in the summer.I think the dining hall is pretty good, and the dorm that I live in is really nice.As for the social/party scene, it depends on what you choose to involve yourself in; if there's a will, there's a way, so I've personally had a ton of fun during my time here.It's definitely a work-hard-play-hard atmosphere when you're on campus, and while there is danger in this as you can easily over-extend yourself (and many students do at some point), it makes for a fulfilling four years.This school defines that you can not put a price on the education you receive.Because it is a private school with lots of appeal in the heart of Los Angeles, it does attract a fair share of ignorant, privileged people.However, you can definitely find genuine people, just keep looking and being you! This is not only in a classroom setting, but it is in every aspect of their lives. Although a large school, the administration truly cares about every student, and there are countless numbers of resources available to help with anything one may need. There are so many different types of people, clubs, and parties, so everyone can find something they like. I am a first year graduate student in their online Museum Studies program.USC has so many perks and resources and I highly recommend getting involved whether it be sports or clubs! From amazing academics to contagious school spirit, I have loved my first year at Michigan. So far, I love everything about Johns Hopkins University.My professors have been very attentive and answer all my questions quickly, the work is very relevant and there are so many resources to help me.


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