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We are taken into this woman’s mind through a spiraling graphic treatment that evolves during the journey.This constant change eludes viewers to believe that there is something a-strew in this women’s life.I always try to experiment with a mixed media style, combining analogue and digital techniques.

He stacks them, brings them in using different angles and entry points, juxtaposes them with type, and ultimately brings them together to form the image of a mangled, and twisted looking arm; which is also positioned in just the right way as to lead the viewers eye down to Otto Preminger’s name on the screen.

This is best described in the well-known book about Bass called, A Life in Film Design, “He created an arresting image of a distorted, disjointed arm.

Kyle Cooper, a current title sequence designer, says in a Turner Classic Movie segment on Saul Bass, “The film title [in the mind of Saul Bass] is just like a poster, the graphic designer has to try and find a metaphor or a symbol and execute it in a different way.” This is exactly what he does in his work.

Saul Bass captures the story and the secrets behind each film he designed for, and in that gives the viewers a sneak peek into the film they are about to watch.

A new movie festival pays homage to the master of film posters and title sequences.

If cinema and graphic design made up a venn diagram, there'd only be one name to overlap both circles.

The film starts with a frame of a young woman’s face, we are zoomed in at a close perspective as the frames change viewpoints around her face.

Bass overlays typographic treatments during these first few scenes and in the fifth frame he incorporates that genius element which makes the sequence so compelling.

Amanda Rice ART 210 Term Paper 4/22/15 Saul Bass: Designer & Storyteller The 1950s was an exciting time for the film industry, especially for those lucky enough to include the genius of Saul Bass to their productions.

In addition to designing logos for some of the biggest corporations we know today, Saul Bass was also incredibly skilled working in the film industry.


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