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Manni is expected to deliver the money at noon to a gangster. The opening credits spring a digital surprise, as a shot of a crowd turns into an aerial point of view and the crowd spells out the name of the movie.Lola sometimes runs so frantically that mere action cannot convey her energy, and the movie switches to animation.I liked her, though I can't say I got to know her very well, and she is usually out of breath.

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The repetition of this action from different perspectives links in with the different angles that Lola’s life will take depending on the choices she makes hereon in.

This is also evident in the television programme that Lola has playing in the background, as it shows one domino fall into another, the consequence being that all the others fall.

One man in the crowd looks into the camera and says, ‘the ball is round, the game is 90 minutes, everything else is just theory’.

This is in fact a quote from the football coach, Sepp Herberger, who brought the German football team to victory in the 1954 World Cup.

This essay discusses how the unusual filmic style and signature themes of Tykwer situate him as an easily recognisable auteur.

The film begins with a blurred vision of a crowd and a voiceover questioning the purpose of life.Heavily influenced by American and British genre cinema, Tykwer set out to create a film that presented national themes in an international way.As discussed by David Clarke, with the innovative look to his films, Tykwer was soon considered to be an auteur by critics, with a clear focus on action throughout and themes about questioning the natural elements of life such as relationships and the future.This voiceover comes from Hans Paetsch (1939– 2002), Germany’s most popular fairy-tale narrator.Faces are picked out from the crowd; the audience doesn’t know it yet but these are the people that Lola will interact with and whose lives she will affect.The message is that the smallest events can have enormous consequences.A butterfly flaps its wings in Malaysia, causing a hurricane in Trinidad. Franka Potente, who plays Lola, has a certain offhand appeal.You're a cuckoo's egg." Manni does his share of running, too, and there are various alternate scenarios involving car crashes, gunshot wounds and the sly use of that ancient movie situation where guys are carrying a huge sheet of plate glass across the street.Tykwer also adds segments titled "Now and Then," in which he singles out minor characters on the screen and uses just a few startling flash-frames to foresee their entire lifelines."Run Lola Run" is essentially a film about itself, a closed loop of style.Lola has 20 minutes to find the cash and reach Manni before he resorts to robbing a supermarket.The film portrays three varying narrative timelines of events where small choices made by Lola impact not only on Manni’s own fate but also all on those with whom she comes into contact.


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