Roman Roads Essay

Not only were there way more Roman Roads in Britain than I initially thought, but also their exact locations and extents are not very clear.

There isn't a clean line of demarcation between Greek and Roman philosophy.

The better known Greek philosophers were of the ethical variety, like Stoicism and Epicureanism which were concerned with the quality of life and virtue.

It was developed as an improvement over the Circus Maximus for gladiatorial combats, wild beast fights ( Roman theater began as a translation of Greek forms, in combination with native song and dance, farce and improvisation.

In Roman (or Italian) hands, the materials of Greek masters were converted to stock characters, plots, and situations that we can recognize today in Shakespeare and even modern sitcoms.

Once again the Pelagios digital map was massively helpful to me.

Equally as helpful was the site uk – an absolute treasure trove of information on all things Romano-British.

Like the full Roman map, I had to do some simplifying and make some tough choices on which cities to include.

Again I tried to include larger settlements or forts that were mentioned in more than one primary source.

They were charged with performing the religious rituals with exactness and scrupulous care so as to maintain the gods' good will and support for Rome.

When a Roman person died, he would be washed and laid out on a couch, dressed in his finest clothes and crowned, if he had earned one in life.


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