Retail Pharmacy Business Plan

Target Market The pharmacy business is a business that meets the needs of everyone at some points in time but the fact that our business will be opened to many types of people does not stop us from having a category for our target market and they are: FINANCIAL PLAN The business can only be established with a startup fund of 0,000, out of which we have gotten 80% and the remaining 20% will be gotten form bank as loan.

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This pharmacy business is owned by Godwin Thomas and will be located in Los Angeles.

SAMPLE 2 BUSINESS PLAN: ZOE Pharmaceutical Store Executive Summary ZOE pharmaceutical store is a medicine store that has fulfilled all the requirements for starting the business in California, United State of America.

In pursuit of achieving our goals, we have been able to lease a facility for three years with the option of buying the facility when it is put up for sales.

We have decided to launch out the business with one outlet but over time, we will be opening other outlets in key locations.

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES We will be retailing a wide range of prescription drugs from different manufacturing companies to our customers and we will also engage in the sales of: VISION STATEMENT Our vision is to establish a business that serves as a one stop pharmacy for basically all residents in Los Angeles and also to provide complementary pharmaceutical services for our customers.

MISSION STATEMENT Wonder Pharmacy Business mission is to have a constant if not better growth in sales in the first three years of operation and also to set up a well standard business where all the needs of our customer’s health-wise are met.The use of technology is also very important in managing the business effectively.For instance, the use of CRM software helps in managing clientele base.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Pharmacy business is a well thriving and lucrative business, though it needs lot of strategic planning and business coaching.Being in the pharmaceutical industry is a very good thing because there are great returns on investment.ZOE pharmaceutical store will try as much as possible, in fact, more than possible to make sure they satisfy the needs of their customers and do all within the law to carry out its operation in the best way possible.Sam Franklin and Joe West will both be the owner and CEO of ZOE pharmaceutical store.BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Wonder Pharmacy Business is a well registered and licensed business that will be involved in the distribution and sales of high quality drug and other materials essential to health.The business is a family business owned by Godwin Thomas and his immediate family.The major target market of the business will be Los Angeles, California.Godwin Thomas graduated from the university with a degree in pharmacy and has worked with two pharmaceutical companies which has given him valuable skills in the pharmacy business.


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