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The British military didn’t agree with the colony because of their frustration and their loss of soldiers.Washington wanted to be promoted to British officer(Tyler Martin).

The British military didn’t agree with the colony because of their frustration and their loss of soldiers.

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He gave Washington the name Conotocarious (Town Talker). The Horses could barely be ridden because their legs would sink into the snow and get cut from the ice chunks on the ground.

He convinced the Indian tribe to help him on his mission. The travel back to Virginia for Washington was very dreadful. Washington was in a hurry to tell the lieutenant governor that there could be a French attack.

George was educated by his father and his elder half brother named Lawrence.

He was mainly taught by his father because of how well he was educated. George Washington began his speech by making it known to the ...

Washington saw British ships sailed into the Potomac River with many soldiers and cannons and their new Major General named Edward Braddock.

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He tried making a name for himself by doing what Washington tried doing which was taking the French out of the Ohio Valley except he wanted to succeed.On July 8th 1775 Braddock and Washington led two thousand men to Fort Duquesne which was at the Ohio Valley.On their way to Fort Duquesne Washington, Braddock and their troops fell into a danger zone in the woods. The French were shooting at the British hidden from behind trees and rocks.They chose to let them go home with the agreement that they would not return Ohio for one year.Over the next five years Washington would lead the British troops and the Virginia militia against the French.George helped the Fairfax family lay out the town of Belhaven (which is now a day’s called Alexandria) in 1749 and became surveyor of Culpeper County. Washington was dispatched by Dinwiddie on a mission to warn the French commander at Fort Le Boeuf of encroachment on territory claimed by the British because the French were building forts on the Ohio Valley.”I will do what is possible”, said George Washington to Dinwiddie ( Laurie Calkhoven An American Life 34).In 1752, Lawrence Washington died of Tuberculosis(Albert Marrin, George Washington and the Founding of a Nation 30-39). after his retirement which were his closing remarks (Washington, 1970). As Washington was traveling, he meet the “Half King”(Laurie Calkhoven An American Life 35) which is an Iroquois chief.In 1731 Augustine Washington married Mary Ball which she had a son.At age six, the Washington family moved to Ferry Farm in Stafford.Washington signed up for Braddock’s force as a volunteer aide (Joseph Ellis 45). was then attacked by the French, the battle only lasted a day in which George Washington surrender and the French made him sign a ... His men kept intercepting supplies for the British.Another is March 4-5, 1776 George Washington had a strong hold on the ...


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