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I think that she was built her own little world because she found this world too disturbing or too interferring.In one of her poems she talk about how she loves to be a mystery, she doesn't want to be discovered by this world.

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Hi, I have just joined the forum in hopes that someone here will help me on my topic.

I am doing a paper on Emily Dickinson and why she became reclusive.

She would have done better to be born in more modern times though, if not in today's world.

The 19th century was very male dominated, and Emily never fit the model of women writer that that century required, although you could be succesful if you did.

She was indeed placed in a sitiuation, and a time where she could not be at her best, nor have the best opportunities for someone so gifted, which is sad.

But I think she had her own world, and never wanted to be defined by anybody else's, and that would include the modern world if she had gotten the chance to live in it.

Since no one knows what happens after death, it's always been a bit controversal, some people believe you keep living and others believe it ends all. As for being a reclusive it's also a theory that she had Agoraphobia, which is the fear of being in crowded, public places like markets or the fear of leaving a safe place.

This added to the fact she was in very men-controlled atmosphere, and had very inconventual ideas for her time, might have increased her "reclusive" attitude towards the world dramatically.


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