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The first crisis that most organizations need to create is to realize that most approaches to change management don’t work.

According to an IBM Change Management Study, , almost half of all organizational change efforts deliver less than half of their expectations.

It is against this background that suitably qualified experts and project teams are invited to contribute to the “”.

A unique feature of this Handbook is its strong practice-oriented focus: apart from the results of research and field projects, it will contain a wide range of papers exemplifying the diversity of approaches to climate change management taking place all over the world.

[Back to top] Change management is usually required, because well, you’re trying to change something. A quick Google search finds a variety of attempts to define organizational transformation, but most don’t even quite qualify as a proper definition: found that change project success ballooned to more than 75% when workers on the shop floor felt they were an integral part of the process of change.

Usually to cause some organisational transformation. Collaboration methodologies and techniques to obtain a high-quality solution to a given problem in a very short timeframe.

Topics include (but are not limited to) the following big-picture themes, whose scope may overlap: ” is envisaged as a ground-breaking interdisciplinary publication on climate change management that identifies innovative management methods and tools that are field-tested and practice-approved.

It will be published as part of Springer Nature’s “Climate Change Management Series”, a leading peer-reviewed book series on matters related to climate change.

The increased frequency and severity of extreme weather and climate impacts around the world suggests that urgent efforts are needed to better understand and manage such climate phenomena.

Importantly, climate change occurs in tandem with other global mega-trends, including population growth, urbanisation, habitat destruction, resource depletion, pollution of the oceans, environmental degradation, biodiversity pressures and burgeoning rates of species extinctions, among others.


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