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Open for comment; This paper explores the prevalence and impact of negative incidents at top United States colleges covered in the media, looking at data from 2001 through 2013.

During this period, the authors identified 124 widely covered scandals.

In this podcast, Elie Ofek discusses the campaign's results.

Open for comment; With calculators targeted to women and laundry products aimed at men, examples of identity-based labeling—or “identity appeals”—abound in advertising and marketing.

Does such CEO activism actually change citizens’ opinions about these public issues—or their consumer attitudes toward these CEOs’ companies?

Focusing on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s denunciation of potential discrimination resulting from Indiana’s proposed religious freedom law, this study finds that CEO activists can frame issues in ways that do influence public opinion, and to the same extent as political leaders.I don't know about hardware, but in case you feel like mentioning some software (and hardware often comes with software...), beware that the EULA can prohibit researchers and scientists from explicitly using the names of their systems in academic papers.Oracle is notorious for that, they sued David De Witt following some benchmarks he had published that mentioned Oracle, see the De Witt Clause.Scandals lead to large reductions in applications; a scandal covered in a long-form article has roughly the same impact on applications as a 10-ranking drop in the influential US News and World Report College Rankings. Quelch wonders if the message (and the messenger) is already growing thin.Brand Trump has been used to market hotel rooms, ties, and an airline. Open for comment; Car-buying sends shivers up the backbones of American consumers, so why hasn’t the industry stepped up to create a better experience?This is particularly important if they have given you samples/equipment to use for research.The lab I'm at has done several comparisons of various software and microscopes for surface metrology and in all cases the equipment/software is just referred to as A, B, C etc.But play is serious business that can backfire if not done correctly.John Deighton and Leora Kornfeld discuss three "rules of play." Open for comment; With ecommerce becoming a much bigger part of the economy, a tipping point is fast approaching for many retailers.Five studies show when and why such identity appeals backfire.Identity appeals may fail equally whether they evoke negative or just milder stereotypes.


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