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Other problems include references that are not needed but are included anyway (spurious citations) and ones that are added or omitted for reasons other than meeting the five goals of citations (biased citations).In general, authors can mitigate these citation problems by asking two questions: Additionally, citations sometimes have significance for reasons other than the five listed above.

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Citations in a scientific paper serve many goals, but there are five important goals.

While most authors do a good job of providing citations in their scientific papers, some papers are flawed because of missing citations, i.e., not enough citations to fulfill the five goals above.

Still, I think most authors know when they are pushing into spurious or biased territory with their self-citations.

So the best defense against abuse is self-regulation. A study commissioned by the Chronicle of Higher Education looked at the role of gender in self-citation rates.

I am certainly not qualified to address such heady questions, but regardless of cause, the issue of gender disparity in self-citations has career consequences.

In the age of Big Data, success breeds success, and popularity snowballs.

Some authors are more likely to cite their colleagues’ work than their competitors’; some journals expect their submitting authors to preferentially cite work published in that journal.

However, the easiest way to promote your own work (and thus yourself) is with the self-citation: a citation to one’s own prior work.

Some cases are obvious, as when a majority of a research paper’s citations are to the author’s own work in a popular field of research.

Other cases are less obvious, as when the authors are nearly the only ones working on a very specialized topic.


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