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This is usually used if you want to use part of a sentence or a whole sentence to help prove your points.You can use a direct quote if it is longer but you would need to put it in a different context in your paper.In this way you should follow some suggestion: If the quote is long, you may want to make it shorter and more suitable.

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In order to integrate a quote into the text properly, you should use the following elements: At the first time when you cite a source, it will be better for you to mention the author of this source as well as its title.

If you quote a source several times in your research paper and if it is central in the text you can focus more on it to emphasize its importance.

You should necessarily leave the place for your own thoughts.

Remember that if you are paraphrasing or for example, summarizing different sources in some way, you need to cite them. In order to save the golden mean follow the next rule: if you think that you should use a quote, then analyze used citation in at least three lines.

So citations may be extremely helpful when you write the research paper.

It can show that your work is argumentative and you have conducted a detailed study.

You would put parenthesis around sources that are about a sentence or less long and you would put longer direct quotes in a single spaced and indented box paragraph separate from the paragraph. You will have to meet your instructor’s resource requirements but you want to make sure that you aren’t just quoting a bunch of other pieces.

This is your paper and you will use the quotes to enhance it but not to explain each and every thing you want to discuss.

You can use one to help explain the background information on your piece or one first thing to help draw your reader in.

You can use one to prove each main supporting point in the paper. This is a hard question to answer mostly because if you are writing a ten page paper, you will need to have more direct quotes than a three page paper would need.


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